The only thing that’s more of a reality check than hearing yourself on the radio, is hearing AND seeing yourself on YouTube. I’ve had my share of both lately. I made a quick note of things I need to pick up before my next public speaking gig…

Shopping List:
1. headbands Really wide and dual purpose, to cover gray roots at the hairline and hide a few forehead wrinkles.

2. consonants  For the love of od, et some Gs. Every sentence that’s supposed to end in “ing” only ends in “in” when I’m speakin’.

“We were comin’, goin’, drivin’ and talkin’… I’m an Oklahoma version of Sarah Palin.”

The “Listen To Your Mother 2016” videos are available. Click on the link if you feel like listenin’:

*Fun Summer activity if you’re bored: Say “Shoulder Surgery” 3 times really fast!