Emilie & Mollie take a break from selling lemonade during a nationwide kid’s Lemonade Stand fundraiser for Cancer Research.  (link included) Their tees say, “Got Lemons?”

What a great experience it was to be a Guest/Co-Host on the video podcast “Start a Lemonade Stand – Getting Your Kids To Work.”

This show takes a break from the discussion of bullying to tackle the subject of your kids and employment. It was an hour long, so watch it only if this is a point where you find yourself as a parent. It’s specifically geared toward those of us with kids and teens who want to hear a discussion of why our kids should work (benefits such as gratitude, independence, work ethic) as well as some specific suggestions of jobs kids can work at appropriate ages.

The best moment of the show might’ve been when I talked my way to the realization that the most effective way to avoid working throughout one’s lifetime is to try to be a writer…

Here is the link!




Kids Lemonade Stand Fundraiser for Cancer Research to generate a giving and entrepreneurial spirit in your kids: