Me and traci Keep in' it real

Me and traci
Keep in’ it real

Hosted a “Sip and See” yesterday, for my dear friend, Traci, who moved away and came back for a visit. There was no newborn baby involved in this celebration, as in the traditional “Sip and See” gatherings. This was just adult women, SIPPING on wine and SEEING our cherished friend; a delightful afternoon-turned-evening of cocktails, conversation and general female merriment. Before I write another word, I must insert, this is a group of beautiful women of every size, shape, color and age. Well, we didn’t ACTUALLY have any women of color present, but a few of us are Really tan from too much time on the tennis court. My point is that we are fairly diverse…

As the beverages and conversation flowed, I found myself floundering socially, so to speak. Or, in this case, not to speak. Generally, I can enter into any conversation on just about any topic, as I’ve had 1/2 a lifetime of experiences. (optimistically defining “lifetime” as 100 years) Additionally, It’s always been my policy to “splice-in” what I don’t know, with information and opinions I make up right there on the spot.

But, this conversation last night kept turning to Cosmetic Procedures and all the things my friends were doing to stay young and gorgeous. On this particular topic, even my BS abilities failed me. The conversation bounced from discussions about injecting, sucking, tucking and lifting, to the merits of waxing, abrading, sugaring, threading and augmenting. As the ups and downs and pros and cons of each procedure were examined, I found myself less and less “in-the-know”….One of my very cutest friends has even gotten permanent false eyelashes! I realized I was woefully behind, as I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing. They were really lush, but she admitted she couldn’t afford to cry, lest she ruin them. So, that procedure is definitely off the table for me, as I like to have a good cry every day or two…

And, while I was in the minority, I wasn’t actually the ONLY ONE left behind. There were a couple of ladies, like me, that havent yet “enhanced” themselves beyond Clinique, Miss Clairol and some daily cardio. As such, there was a range of reactions among us. The majority were enthusiastic, comparing clinics and documenting results, but one of my friends, hollered out in disbelief, “Hey- that’s cheatin!” Then there was MY reaction, which was, “I’ve spent all of my kid’s college tuition savings on tennis lessons, frantically trying to keep up with y’all on the court – I don’t have any money left to keep up with y’all cosmetically!”
And that’s the God’s Honest…

So, here we are…the generation stuck in between our mothers’, who, except for the occasional bra-stuffing and girdle wearing, were natural and “native” and our daughters’ generation, who will color, wax, tattoo, and inflate anything on their bodies.

What we are wrapping our minds around now, is that nothing is taboo anymore-We really do have choices!! But for now, for me, at least until my serve improves and I get more topspin, I’m probably gonna be Keepin’ it Real!! And, as an added bonus, when things don’t go my way, I can still get my cry on!