I told Jimmy yesterday, “We have to watch the Arkansas game today at 3!”

To which he replied, “why? It’s going to be a total blow out!  They’re going to obliterate the other team!”

To which I responded, “to see Gracie on TV!”

Suppressing amusement, he went on to explain how ridiculous I  sounded, adding “they don’t show the Pom girls on TV- only the football players.  That’s why it’s called a football game!”

Now… I’ve been married to this man for 30 years and he is rarely wrong.  But  I’ve also been required to sit through (read “suffer through”) 30 years of college football and I would swear on my life that those cameras cut over to the  cheerleaders and Pom girls occasionally when there is a lull in the on-field excitement.

As such, I insisted and prevailed.  We watched the game and the cameras cut to our daughter for a nano-second twice in 3 hours. Once, it was just her little freshman head peeking out from behind a senior…But wow, was it ever exciting in a living-vicariously-through-your-kids kind of way!

I guess in the end, we were both happy – I was  happy to realize after all these years watching college football with the camera cutting over to those beautiful girls- he never even noticed!! (Eyes only for me??!!)

And he was happy to have one of his children in uniform on a College football field – even if its his daughter!!!